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01/19/22 at 12:02pm

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Blocktrix 0.69 Beta Released (Read 411 times)

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Blocktrix 0.69 Beta Released
02/16/07 at 8:18pm
 Blocktrix 0.69 Beta has now been released.  Here are a list of changes between 0.69 and 0.68:

- Fixed bug with Fields/Lobby in taskbar option (Reported by Scooter)
- Fixed various tab order issues (Reported by dunno)
- Changed splash screen and icon graphics
- Fixed bug with startgame Tcl command in blocktrix mode
- Fixed bug when joining a game in progress in blocktrix mode causing program freeze (Reported by slowmotion)
- Fixed opening and closing of program due to bug with restricted user priviledges (Reported by prefect)
- Added Deactivate Inactive Fields option, which prevents non-used fields from being updated during a game
- Fixed rehash/edit scripts bug when installed to a path with a space in it (Reported by olives/psy-fi)
- Added resolving of hostname validity check, and resolving of hostnames prior to connecting to servers to see if it helps with connection problems
- Fixed some socket error handling behavioral problems, and simultaneous socket error warnings again
- Made it so that when a user starts typing when cursor is active in the partyline box, it switches to the edit box for the user to type in
- Fixed some behavioral problems with game chat box, when it is visible and a new game starts
- Changed language file names to be uniformly named as their English representation (Suggested by olives)
- Added 'dns' Tcl command (see Blocktrix-tcl.txt or help file for more information)
- Added /dns <ip/host> command to aliases.tcl that makes use of above Tcl command
- Fixed bug with cancelling a connection attempt to a server, and also enabling of disabled controls
- Fixed bug with 'Scripts' text language setting in Misc. Settings side menu not being loaded correctly (Reported by psy-fi)
- Updated query.tcl to v1.5: Added query support for Blocktrix servers
- Fixed bug with 'piece change' attack causing no more blocks to come for player
- Fixed another bug with the 'startgame' Tcl command in Blocktrix mode
- Fixed behaviour of switching to partyline when there is text in the chat edit box
- Fixed bug with entering a nickname with a period in it, and attempting to connect to a server using its IP address (Reported by dunno)
- Changed 'Show Fields' button behaviour to restore Fields window from a previously minimized state (Suggested by dunno/olives)
- Added a manual check for updates in update.tcl (v1.3), in the right-click menu of the partyline
- Modified field sending procedure to try and avoid's faulty 'magic-stick'
 detection mechanism

  Thanks to all the testers, hopefully this will be a strong release!
  Enjoy!  Cheesy
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