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01/19/22 at 11:50am

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Blocktrix 0.65 Beta Released (Read 407 times)

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Blocktrix 0.65 Beta Released
09/02/06 at 6:03pm
 Blocktrix 0.65 has been released.  Quite a bit of changes and bug fixes.  Most noticable of changes would be piece holding in Blocktrix mode, and advanced extended key sensitivity (still needs some tweaking).  Also included now is a proper help file for users to consult.  Here is a list of all the changes between 0.65 and 0.64:

- Fixed repetitive "Game Has Ended" bug when user is scrolled up
 -> Type Conversion/Internationalization error (thanks to psy-fi for extensive testing)
- Added preview image to theme settings
- Modified BTrix Theme behaviour to first use path relative to theme file,
 then defaulting to initial BTrix execution directory
- Changed Blocktrix to allow loading of .tnp (TetriNET theme) files
 (so you don't have to rename your .tnp files to .bnp, although you still need a proper
  blocktrix theme to see all the specials when in blocktrix mode, or on an enhanced
  tnet server that makes use of the added specials)
- Added 'Music Activated' option to theme settings, so you can instead check/uncheck this
 to disable the music rather than emptying the music file field
- Rearranged theme settings section
- Changed default extended key sensitivity to half instead of nothing
- Added Tcl commands "sockconnect", "sockdisconnect", and "putsock" for creating
 simple outgoing Tcp connections (see scripting section in help file for more information)
- Added some error checking to the input supplied by the user for client settings making sure
 the address supplied is a properly formatted ip/host
- Added 'Scripts' section to Misc. Settings to easily allow for the addition/removal/obtaining
 of addons
- Added startrecording/stoprecording Tcl commands (see scripting section in help file for more information)
- Added describe Tcl command (see scripting section in help file for more information)
- Added piece hold feature to BTrix mode/enhanced TNet mode
- Updated scripts
- Added "Advanced Key Sensitivity" in keyboard settings
- Removed some dependency on timer components
- Added proper help file, and changed behaviour of clicking "Help" text on splash
 screen to open the help file
- Added gamelog Tcl binding (see scripting section in help file for more information)
- Fixed piece counting in TNet mode for stats calculations (thanks to CindereLa for help)

  Enjoy!  Cool
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